My Epic Heals Episode Four

#04 My Epic Heals: Healing questions and Pally Healing
Wolf, Fox, Pastor and Eade discuss Cataclysm healing.

Topics in this episode:
Questions from email, the AIE forums, and the "greenwall"
Eade hanging in Silvermoon
Time to Raid
We visit with our tank Punishme!

Special thanks to Punishme for playing the tank in the intro and to Gamushara for inventing and playing Sprinkle Sprocket.
Music in today's episode: Royalty Free production music by Jewel Beat (

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  • 4/28/2011 12:41 AM againfinitum wrote:
    instant favorite! love the insight on raid healing as a team, and how each class adapts to similar situations. my co-mains are resto druid and shaman @ 85, and am leveling pally and priest. so far, in heroics, i've found it infinitely easier with my shaman- due mostly to the fact that i did most heroics first with my druid, but mana has rarely been an issue with shaman not like it was with my druid. i've since tweaked my spell priority with the druid and it has become much easier, although some instances- grim batol, in particular, are still a bitch. if i had one suggestion for healers, and if this caught on it would make life easier for all, is to suggest party members use whatever healing abilities, damage mitigation they have at their disposal, rather than simply expecting the healer to breathe life back into their poo-standing dps-spamming botwalk through pugs. us healers need to speak up. one more thing you might bring up in a future episode, the new rate your group feature that pops up after a wipe! did my first heroic the night the patch dropped and was very surprised to get a survey of how my group rated after a wipe on first mobs in stonecore. will healers suffer the most from this system or what?

    great job. looking forward to next show.
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  • 4/28/2011 10:42 AM Rilex wrote:
    Hey guys first off, great show! I listen to several healing podcasts but love the fact that you have a wide variety of healing classes represented. I am a Holy Priest and wanted to give my two cents on the chakra question that was asked in episode four. The healing composition for 10 man raid team is me and two druids so we frequently switch our healing roles between the three of us depending on the encounter but most of the time I find myself tank healing.

    Serenity chakra is extremely viable for single target healing as it increases the healing effect from your single target heals (heal, greater heal, binding, etc.) and each of those spells also refresh the duration of renew on your target. If you find yourself tank healing as holy, this is the way to go 100%. Also don’t forget about you Holy Word: Serenity, and low cost instant case heal that will also refresh the duration of renew and also great to have on movement heavy fights. As for rotation, like Pastor said… there really isn’t a rotation. I personally will hit chakra, renew the tanks and then begin casting heal/greater/binding (depending on what is needed) to trigger serenity and then go from there.

    Sanctuary chakra is more for raid healing as opposed to single target but to be honest I use it much less that serenity even if I am raid healing. For the most part, I only use sanctuary on encounters where I know we will be grouping up so that I can maximize the effect of Holy Word: Sanctuary (the priest aoe circle on the ground which is only accessible while in the sanctuary chakra) and then take advantage of the increased healing on circle of healing, prayer of healing, etc.

    Hope this helps!
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  • 4/28/2011 1:31 PM ragedpope wrote:
    i like the show alot,thanks for having it.

    ?-im a disc priest in my raid group,ive noticed that tank healing is really based on DA and crit,criting triggers DA from heals,now part of mana saving is based alot on the heal decisions.i usually spam heal for DA bubbles plus i regen more than its cost,and save all costly heals like flash heal for when tanks are at 70% health or less there has been times on bosses where the tank is at about 85% health, and i choose to use heal a 2sec cast,while casting tank takes a huge wack,and now he's dead.dbm didnt show any boss abitlities,and recount shows he took 3 hits for alot within the cast time of my heal,and my ui looked as if he took one blow instead of 3.have you-priest- experienced this situation?and any ideas how to prevent it? or is it just luck?
    ive noticed it dosent happen every attempt but its happened enough to be concerned.
    thanks guys.
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  • 4/29/2011 12:19 PM LightNikon wrote:
    Just wanted to let you know how much I like your show. I rolled a new toon wanting to be a priest knowing my Guild didn't’t have enough Healers for the raid teams and I chose Holy and Disc to fill in the missing slot. I was a little lost until Scott Johnson from the Instance mentioned your show I hopped right on and subscribed to your show on iTunes, and it’s been very informative. I’m trying the new Add-ons and trying to see which I like better and fits my style. As a new Healer I have had one or two fails but mostly success knowing a good spell rotation and how it’ll sap my mana. My main concern is the etiquette in the game or lack thereof, if I do something wrong let me know and try to help me fix it don't just yell” you suck at healing” and” you cause epic fails” then pop and run off that doesn’t help anyone. Second Tanks especially new Tanks I watch your health bar all the time and make sure your always topped off give the same respect to my Mana bar and don’t pull a crap load of mobs at once I might be able to keep you alive the first and second time but if you don’t give me a breather to regenerate my mana your going to die then I’m going to die. Again thanks for the show I truly enjoy it. If you ever need a Hunters perspective feel free to send me a line that’s my main. So I jump for strength and now I heal for strength to.
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  • 5/1/2011 9:50 AM Trevor wrote:
    Hi, first I would love to say that this is by far the best healing podcast I have found, very mature and informative! I can't seem to find an email address on the website to send a question for the show! If you could please put a email address in a reply to this comment or put one up on the website to make it easier for people to contact you that would be great! Of course I could just be blind and not seeing it too! Anyhow amazing show I am always looking forward to hearing what you all have to say but especially Eade I am also a pally 85 healer as my main, but also have a priest 71 and a Druid 43, sorry my shammy is only level 12! Love the show! Have a few questions thanks!
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